The ACF is dedicated to promoting the game Down Under, and is a member of FIDE, the world chess federation. Our membership consists of Australia’s state and territory chess associations. The ACF produces a free email newsletter featuring local and international news, and much more – past issues can be read here.

If you’re interested in playing in a weekender, check out the the events listing and the ACF Grand Prix series.

There are also comprehensive lists of Australian national ratings, honour boards for champions, award winners and title players. An archive of Australian games can be found at Ozbase.


The Australian Chess Federation is an incorporated association (association number A 01325) under the Associations Incorporation Act 1991 of the ACT.

Please address your inquiry to the relevant person.

Position Name Contact
President Gary Wastell 22 Bruarong Crescent, Frankston South, Victoria 3199 Australia
0409 525 963
03 9787 7974 (H)
Deputy President Bill Gletsos
Vice-president Dr Kevin Bonham
Vice-president Leonid Sandler 0412 201 891
Treasurer Bob Keast
Secretary Rob Watson
Auditor Ross Hamilton 02 4384 4740
Assistant Treasurer Tom Saltmarsh
0499 996 559
Government Relations Director John Adams
0411 618 064
Public Officer Denis Jessop
02 6288 1935
Webmaster Dave Thomas
FIDE Delegate & Administrative Officer Dr Kevin Bonham
FIDE Trainers Contact Leonid Sandler
0412 201 891
FIDE Ratings Officer Bill Gletsos
National Ratings Officer Bill Gletsos
National Ratings Officer Graham Saint 0410 835 586

Council Delegates

State Name Contact
ACT Cam Cunningham
New South Wales Richard Gastineau-Hills 0403 962 442
02 9498 2760 (H)
South Australia George Howard
Tasmania Tom Saltmarsh
0499 996 559
Queensland Mark Stokes 0431 419 136
07 3205 6042 (H)
Victoria Chris Wallis
Western Australia Norbert Muller